What QIC Believes

We believe that a shareholder value-centric corporate strategy is the most effective way for a company to improve the valuation multiple it is afforded in the market place. We believe that there is a basic set of principles that companies can apply to enhance their intrinsic value. Very few companies successfully practice these principles on a continual basis, and the market rewards these chosen few with a valuation premium relative to their peers.
We have observed that many listed companies in Taiwan and some in other parts of the Greater China region have been de-rated as a result of their failure to take shareholder value creation seriously. However, the upper management and controlling shareholders of these companies have simply blamed the global economic weakness for their troubles, rather than looking inward. Additionally, most investment banks and securities houses remain more interested in selling services that are best-suited to a bull market than in adapting to the realities of the current market.

QIC takes a long-term view towards the very concrete problem faced by controlling shareholders today – that is, the problem of how to maximize the valuation of one’s company in today’s challenging market environment. Our customized turnkey solutions are unique because they integrate an exhaustive research-based approach with an ability to skillfully utilize a complete range of capital market tools.