Shareholder Value Creation Program

  • Corporate Restructuring and Rationalization of Operations Aimed at Maximizing Intrinsic Value
  • Institutional Investor Targeting and Introduction
  • Facilitation of Enhanced Communication with the Buy and Sell sides
  • Analyst-Based Shareholder Surveillance

Capital Market Solutions

  • ECM Services
  • Private Placement
  • Special Event/ Special Situation Solutions
  • Equity Derivatives

Corporate Finance Solutions

  • B/S Best Allocation Consulting
  • Mezzanine Finance Consulting
  • M&A Consulting

Special AGM Event Management

  • Corporate Governance Best Practices Consulting
  • AGM Consulting
  • Contest Management Strategy
  • Communication with Key PMs and Corporate Governance Personnel at Global Buy-Side Institutions
  • Proxy Solicitation
  • IR/PR Management